Established in 2020, Elevation Energy India Private Limited aims to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of innovative green energy solutions.

India is a hotbed of innovation – and visionaries and market disruptors see tremendous value in adopting green solutions. However, executing these at scale in a profitable and timely manner is the biggest challenge.

Elevation Energy combines expert knowledge and proven experience to deliver industry-leading solutions. Our services guide you through the journey from conceptualizing till execution through:

"The goal of sustainability cannot be achieved in isolation. It takes great collaboration between innovators, inventors and futuristic individuals across the areas of engineering, policymaking, regulations, government, science, technology, and even finance. So much is changing today – and the vision to make renewable energy present and accessible to every business and every citizen is no longer a distant dream. Whether it is running individual houses or cars or powerful multi-watt projects, industry, academia and the governments are co-creating to realize this future. Elevation Energy is a part of that journey. We make new ideas and progressive solutions financially viable for clients so they can realize their own business goals through sustainable practices."

Melroy T.R

Director, Elevation Energy